The haters still love to hate me!

Clearing out my inbox I came across dozens of messages sent to me that I didn’t bother to answer – mostly they had come in via the webmail form on this website. Here are a couple of examples – sadly the abuse sent by these haters is very often homophobic…..
Subject: stewarthome: The Tragedy of S.H.(I.T.)
This is an enquiry e-mail via from: Sewage Homo
It’s truly a sign of the times that “artists” like S.H.(I.T.) can actually get devoted fans to waste their time by forming “societies” dedicated to their “work.” People like S.H.(I.T.) make up for their lack of intelligence and talent by living on the crud that has accumulated on the surface of our petroleum-intoxicated, suicidal, decadent civilisation, where they can amuse others whose are as tasteless as themselves by pulling “art” out of their assholes which titillates peoples’ lowest instincts, causing them to think that they’re actually doing something significant, when in fact you’re all just filling the howling emptiness of your lives with more garbage. Congratulations, S.H.(I.T.), you are truly an artist for our times. You and your fans deserve each other.
Subject: stewarthome:
This is an enquiry e-mail via from: fuck off
thought you were tellin the real story, turns out youre just a fuckin lefty cunt. eat shit fag

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